#90 & #91 Horizon Europe evaluation w. panel

One of the key concerns for all proposal writers is the evaluation of their proposals. Or more: HOW they will be evaluated. Whenever I have been asking guests for requests on who they would like to be on The Grant, most of them have replied “an evaluator”.

Well, this week I have a treat for you all. I have not only one, but three evaluators in the virtual podcast studio to solidly reply to your request out there. In this monster panel I have gathered CEO Alessia Melasecche Germini, META Group; Head of Funding and Innovation Maria Daniela Angione,

InnoGlobal; and Managing Director Yoram Bar-Zeev, Enspire Science. The focus is on Horizon Europe Pillar II proposals which all three guests have years of evaluation experience in.

As you can imagine it became a long recording so I have divided it into two episodes. In the first half we cover the evaluation process, the rules and regulation that evaluators have to follow and, finally, how to evaluate a complex Horizon Europe proposal. In the second half we move into the difference between Horizon2020 and Horizon Europe proposals, the challenges as evaluator, how to become an evaluator and finally the selection of evaluators.

Time codes:

00:02:05 Introduction

00:06:52 Fly in on evaluation

00:13:19 The evaluation process

00:40:00 The evaluators' rules and regulations

00:55:26 How to evaluate

Further help and links

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