The Brussels Office

Insights from the Brussels eco-system. There is an endless amount of representations and liaison offices in Brussels related to EU funding. This series will unfold the environment and share the complexity, importance and key focuses of these officies with lots of knowledge-sharing, advice and demystifying the eco-system.

#16 The European Partnerships

#23 & #24 The NTNU Brussels Office

#44 & #45 Processes4Planet - A European Partnership

#50 Circular Bio-based Europe - Info Day Special

#66 & 67 Tuscany in Brussels w. guest Simona Costa

#71 West Norway Office - Representing a region w. guest Merete Mikkelsen

#76 & #77 Circular Bio-based Europe w. guests Virginia Puzzolo and Dieter Brigitta

#78 Ocean Energy Europe - From keeping afloat to riding the waves w. guest RĂ©mi Gruet