The Grant Consultants Corner Episodes

The EU R&D consultants sector is a very special one. It is packed with very strong people with research backgrounds and facilitation experience and in-depth administrative experience. The work is always playing up against tough deadlines and the need for strong business cases. It deserves its own corner for exchange on approaches, work load pressure, private consultant issues etc.

#25 Four day working week w. guest Christina Achilleos
#26 EIC Accelerator - From idea to project concept w. guest Sandra Anic
#30 Get to the point! Research input in Horizon proposals w. guest Yoram Bar-Zeev

#31 No-Copy-Approach - Shaping winning communication sections w. guest Sean Jones

#33 Christmas Special - Proposal preparation during Christmas w. guest Celia Hadjichristodoulou
#34 & #35 Recruiting in grants consultancy w. guest Sara Arryn
#48 Crowdhelix - An open innovation platform w. guest Michael Browne

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